Every year, there are more than 10,000 Indian students who take admission in top Medical Universities of Russia. Russia has become one of the most popular destinations for higher studies among the Indian students due to its global standards of education at an affordable price.From the 16th century, the history of Medical Science in Russia rated as top position compared to other countries.
The reason why students choose to study MBBS in Russia is to get the practical exposure as well as best employment opportunities across the globe. Studying MBBS in Russia is one of the best options because all Russian Medical Universities are government recognized and are listed in World Health Organization (WHO), and Medical Council of India (MCI). The students can practice anywhere in the world including India after clearing the screening exam. The Russian Medical Universities assist with the most advanced and sophisticated standard of higher education from across the globe.


A past of wars and revolution pushed the country to progress in technology and medical needs. The geographically vast expanses of the country show record extreme temperatures in summer at a sweltering 45oC to a freezing -70oC as well. Russia has always taken initiative as one of the most active countries working and gaining insight in space.


There is no better way to learn from the experts in this field for many decades now. One should consider studying in Russia as an option for many non-exhaustive reasons

Low cost education

The Russian government has subsidized education where a student pays about Rs 2.5 -5 Lakhs annually for fees and accommodation. Enough number of seats for all students and a big patient to doctor ratio considering the sizes of hospitals.

Government institutions, internationally recognized degrees and accredited by the Medical Council of India and WHO making the students eligible to practice in any country they deem fit. Students are trained in the MCI screening test to be registered to practice in India.

Course is taught in English and the student will also be taught the Russian Language alongside to be able to converse with the local patients. During the 4th,5th and 6th year, the surgeons (students who are studying MBBS course from Russia) in hospitals act as tutors and start to work with the students teaching in Russian.

The professors of the university are well aware of the MCI regulations and the syllabus and pattern of these exams. A Student is simultaneously coached for the MCI screening test. The student is also coached for the USMLE preparation the entrance exam to study or practice in the USA.

Secure facilities for students with well-furnished hostels.
The first hospital and first Medical School was initially established in Russia, in the year of 1706 & 1707. MBBS in Russia is almost one of the top destination for Medical Students with a great lifestyle.

Out of top 100 Medical Universities in Worldwide, there are 30 Medical universities from Russia providing quality Medical Education. Studying MBBS in Russia is cheaper than the other part of Europe. The Russian country provides affordable accommodation and Well structured curriculum for Medical Students.

The MBBS Course Fee in Russia is not like that much different for international students and Russian Citizens. But in Europe, there is a higher fee for foreign students.

The MBBS admissions in Russia is increasing drastically due to the flow of students to Russia. The admission process for studying MBBS in Russia is easy and significant.

The degrees awarded to students after completion of Medicine course in Russia is M.D (Physician), which is equivalent to MBBS in India. Therefore, the Russian Medical Universities become a Global Educational Hub for Medicine.

Course Duration for MBBS in Russia

  • Course duration of MBBS in Russia is of 7 years including 1 year of clinical internship. So in total, it will take 7 years to complete MBBS Degree from Russia!
  • Qualification obtained on completion of the medical course is MD (Doctor of Medicine) which is an equivalent degree to MBBS in India.

How many Semester in MBBS Course of Russia?

  • In Russian Medical Universities, the academic year starts from September in all Medical Institutions.
  • Whereas, the academic year consists of 2 semesters.
  • From September to January there is the 1st semester and from February to June, there is the 2nd semester.
  • 18 days are assigned for winter vacations and 45 days are assigned for summer vacations.

Is Russia Safe for Indian Medical Students?

  • Russian Communities are significantly more secure. Security in public space as well as in vacant place is secured by High Authority Security of Russia.
  • It is necessary for foreigners to carry identification certificate like Visa, identity proof etc.
  • Russia has been always welcome a Multicultural people. No one can even be done ragging or assaulting someone.
  • Being foreigners, you should keep a strategic distance from risky sites.